What advice would you give to someone buying an apartment in Spain for the first time?


What is one piece of advice you would give someone buying an apartment in Spain for the first time?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Rent for 6 months to a year first, get to know the area, be sure you’ll be happy there!”

“Rent first , make a list of priorities, work out what is important location, view , close to amenities etc.”

“As an agent my advice would be… Budget first! Work out what you want to pay & don’t forget the purchase tax & expenses on top… Andalusia is 7% of the purchase price but Valencia region is 10% & then you have the legal fees… Sometimes it’s better to compromise on say a bedroom, to be in a better area than to only buy what you have your heart set on Also, buy for you – not guests!!! Don’t buy with guests in mind – buy for you alone!!! Property prices vary… A 3bed/2bath detached with pool near Marbella would be well in excess of 500k but you can find nice properties in say the Orihuela Costa for 250k This is where you need to look online at areas & see the values of the property you are dreaming of Also, make sure you have an agent that listens to your needs & not just one that wants to sell! Too many of those around selling for example properties with 50 or more steps to someone that is in their 60’s who in a few years won’t manage them! I call this ‘future proofing’ your needs It’s not always what you want now – but what will still suit you when you are older! Don’t be put off by decor or furniture & look outside the box of what it could be… For example if I have clients that have 200k to spend, I’ll also take them to properties that are much cheaper that suit them as things can be updated & changed to your needs (obviously within reason)! Have your ‘do & don’t want’ list & the chances of getting everything are remote. The house will find you & with the help of a good agent you will find your happiness Good luck ps… I am based in the Valencia region & this is our view”

“Choose a location rent for a few months before you fully commit”

“Rent first just in case it’s not the dream you thought it would be. Or the area, you may decide your first choice isn’t right. Or the language barrier to difficult to cope with, the heat, many things you thought wouldn’t bother you, you may find do. So try before you buy. Hopefully Spain will be the dream you thought it would be.”