Does anyone have recommendations of a car insurance company for someone who doesn’t have a Spanish license?


Just moved to Madrid and I was wondering if someone could recommend a car insurance company that I can have without a Spanish license


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:


“You can get insurance from any company without a Spanish license. We bought a car 5 days after we arrived in Spain. We got insurance in about 20 minutes at the car dealership.”

“We have Línea Directa.”

“Zurich insurance is best and fast. I have a Dubai license and many companies refused to provide insurance. In the end I got it through Zurich.”

“We use Qualitas. But know that after 6 months your US license is no longer valid so even though insured if you are at fault in an accident or something the insurance would be negated as you wouldn’t have a legal license. But they don’t ask for a Spanish license so they will insure you without.”