Any recommendations for an English speaking app for Spanish news?


I’m looking for an English speaking app for Spanish news, any recommendations please?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“El mundo, ABC well actually most Spanish newspapers can be translated on your phone using Chrome. I am not a fan of the free English language papers as their demographic is the expat community. If you want Spanish news, check a Spanish paper.”

“El Pais is available in English”

“I would also say Sur. However only in Andalusia. Also, The Olive Press is very good.”

“Just run the Spanish news papers through Chrome, they translate well.”

“If you don’t mind paying, the Olive press is great.”

“I find it very odd that a hard copy of olive press, which is a lot more expensive to produce and supply and not ‘green’ is FREE. Whereas, the on line edition, much cheaper to make available and considerably more ‘green’ is not free !!!! Obviously olive press has no interest in ‘saving the planet’ !!!!”

“Spain Speaks on YouTube”

“Sur in English if you’re in the south.”