Do you have any advice for someone moving to Barcelona from the US?


My wife and I are moving from New York City to Barcelona in June-after our lease runs. We have time to plan and wondered what the best practices are and any suggestions on neighborhoods you all like. Thanks in advance for helping us make a smooth landing.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“It all depends on your budget and lifestyle. Not that I’m an expert but you might want to add some of this to a post to get more personalized answers. Good luck!”

“We’ve lived in three neighborhoods so far (Eixample, Sants, and El Putxet i El Farro) and I’d recommend all three depending on what you’re after and your family makeup. There’s a lot of variety here. PS we moved from New York as well.”

“take a look at sitges a 40 min train from Barcelona many Americans live here and it’s beautiful, laid back and far more relaxed than Barcelona”

“Vila de gracia is a town in the city center , very lively , mostly families with kids , lots of vegan , organic , yoga , local made things there , they often call it the hippy part of the city altough its quite expensive to rent or buy …. Poblenou is close to beach , lively , wide streets , lots of expats , because there are the big tech companies …..

Eixample is like any other europea cities …..

sarria – sant gervasi is quite posh , also like any other european city …

centre : born , gotic , , barceloneta is full full of tourists all year , lots of robbery , old unwashable streets , dirty , stinky , but also the liveliest neighbourhoods …

Nou barris is cheap , can be lovely but can be super dodgy too ….

Sants is the most polluted ….

Poble sec is great …

Raval is very cool but can be also very trashy …

My personal fav is La Salut in Gracia … its clean , quiet but 5 min and you are in vila de gracia …!”

“Depends on what your priorities are! Close to work, transport, retired etc”

“Sarria San Gervasi, tres Torres depending on budget. There are also many links if you google best neighborhoods to live in Barcelona”

“Gracia and Eixample”