Is tap water in Spain good to drink?


We’re moving to Spain in a few weeks. It looks like tap water in Spain is not good to drink (at least where we’re going). Do you only buy bottled water or do yall have some kind of filter at your sink? I hate the idea of bottled water all the time! Do you have a good brand of filter you use?

We’re moving south of Toledo pretty much in the middle of nowhere for my husband’s work We’re very happy but my post is because none of the locals drink tap water and my husband got sick.from it. Here in the states I have a filter even if the water is “ drink” and there’s a real difference in the smell and taste… I think good water is important for me and my kids and tap water is usually not ideal no matter where…. anyways!


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“We use this filtration system under our sink (Link to bbagua filters on Amazon). Works well, not too expensive, readily available in LeroyMerlin stores (sort of like Home Depot)”

“Barcelona water has a strong unpleasant mineral flavor, but it’s perfectly safe. I bought water for years until we had a reverse osmosis filter system installed under our kitchen sink. Water tastes great. BTW, some places have great water. In the community of Viladrau we filled every bottle, jug thermos we had with us from their natural springs; the water was so sweet.”

“Spend couple hundred euros and fit decent RO filters under the sink , you now have bottled water on tap ! I have whole house filtration because on agricultural water in countryside and RO at the sink , RO systems are widely available .”

“Tap water better than in the states and safe”

“Most people I know that actually filter their water use the BRITA water filter. It’s not expensive. The jug is about 20+ euros on Amazon Spain. (Link to Amazon Brita filter jug)”

“The water in Basque country is safe, delicious and above average in thirst quenching, I’d say.”

“We lived in Vallecas, Madrid, where the water is great. However, once we had pipeline problems -they got rusty- and we had brown color water for a month coming out of the tap. Since then we don’t drink directly from the tap water, we always filter it with a Brita filter jug. (Link to Amazon Brita filter jug)”

“We brought our Berkey (countertop) water filter over from the US and have been using that since we arrived. Works great! (in Barcelona). You can get them in Europe online but they’re more expensive than in the US. Totally worth it though, in my opinion, and ours last a really long time”

“Rachael Cuevas-Ortiz I lived in Barcelona for 8 years and never drank the tap water there. It made me deathly ill once was enough. But everyone is different.”

“Surprising – I’ve been all over Spain and the tap water has been safe and delicious. But having an under sink filter installed is probably the most practical.”

“tap water is a slow poison, and even cheap bottled water is a slow poison due to the purification technology. if you want to live longer and healthier the only choice is natural low mineral water. here in Spain the most popular brands of natural water are Solan de Cabras or Lanjaron.”

“We got those big water coolers like they have in offices – it was pretty reasonable – I think about $20/month. Bottles are reused so no plastic waste”

“I live in Malaga, have been drinking the water for 10 years.”

“My apartment has an Geekpure undersink osmosis filter system. Works great. The water here is safe though. But I use a camelback water bottle and fill up all day.”

“We’ve come from a place in the States with pristine drinking water (water snobs) to Malaga. Many people here drink the tap straight. We use a Philips pitcher filter (similar to Brita) from the local store for 12 bucks. It helps the hard water taste better and we’re pleased with it. Way better than dealing with SO many bottles to haul and discard. Easier and cheaper than plumbing installation for shorter term living solutions.”

“I have lived in Madrid for 6 yrs and everyone says tap water is ok. I still don’t drink it. I was in Barcelona last month and I asked for tap water and the guy said NEVER drink water from the tap in Barcelona, he said that pipes are too old and dangerous to drink.”

“The water where we live (outside Cadiz) is not potable, but the ayuntamiento has free water stations throughout the town to refill your bottles. Check if you have that in your area.”

“We installed a filter under the sink. It was hard to find it. Seems that everyone drink tap or bottle of water.We only found at Amazon, Frizzlife brand. If you like any specific brand check if they sell here. Or bring with you.”

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