Has it become too expensive to live on the Costa del Sol (Málaga)?


Having sold my house, given up my job, going through the process of NLV and currently in Spain, Costa Del Sol… I am so disheartened with the apparent unavailability of apartments at a reasonable price. I feel that I have got this far and it may all be worthless.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Try looking at different areas of Spain, there’s places with considerably better prices but are just as wonderful to live in. Inland in Asturias there’s apartments starting at €17,000, detached houses at €45k, so Spain as a country is extremely affordable. It’s just like UK, some places have ridiculous prices, others are cheap. Then there’s lots in between.”

“Have you considered looking at the Costa Blanca? We decided on this area as we got more value for money than on the Costa del Sol. Beaches are lovely too!”

“The Costa del Sol, is probably one of the most expensive areas of Spain.”

“Iike Carol I live in this area and apparently it is the most expensive area in Spain, including Madrid but not everywhere on the Costa Del Sol is the same price but overall,there’s nothing that cheap here when you compare it to other areas.”

“I wouldn’t know, to be honest. Why not check out property websites to get an idea of prices?”

“Come away from the established expat areas – head towards Spanish towns up/down the coast and inlandDo you research /speak with real estate beforehand?”

“I’m on holiday there at the moment too. So much construction going on and still the prices remain high. There is a big negative about buying between Marbella and Malaga and that is the noise from the A7. Our rented apartment is about 300 Mtrs. from the road and its non stop all day long. We chose here as a base to go exploring but we wouldn’t like to live here.”

“Cheaper in Torrevieja, Alicante South Coasta Blanca.”

“Our first choice was the Costa del sol but like you, found it too expensive. We live in southern Costa Blanca, property costs are much less, as is the standard of living costs and you have Murcia and Alicante airports, easily accessible. Come and rent for a few months and see if you like it. The north is beautiful but more of Costa del Sol property prices.”

“Spain has become very expensive to live. I am going back home because taxes, massi”ve price increase in food, bills and hacienda have put me off.”

“I looked at the Costa del sol years ago but settled in Murcia. I love it here and it is cheaper and more chilled. The climate is lovely.”

“Costa del sol is expensive. Spain has more to offer so move somewhere else. Comunidad Valenciana has a good climate and it’s cheaper.”

“The towns inland half an hour inland are cheaper and have a different vibe.”

“People have an illusion that Spain gives away houses very cheaply that’s not true nice properties in good areas in my opinion are selling well and in my village in the past 6 yrs have got more expensive.We sold one house and it had doubled the price we were lucky
it sold to a Dutch couple and the one behind sold to French people all nationalities are buying in Spain they can visit more.Chose wisely not because it’s cheap but it’s where you want to be.Happy house hunting”

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