How do unmarried couples apply for a non lucrative Spain visa?

Question non lucrative Spain visa by couples

Is it possible to get an couple Non lucrative Spain visa being an unmarried couple but have been together for almost 25 years. We don’t really want to get married just for the visa


These are the answers of Spainguru Facebook group members:

“Put them as a dependant.”

“Domestic partnership (Pareja de hecho)”

“Huge difference on savings individually the amount means that your bank account must have €27.792,96 or more per person if you include your family members for your visa application to be approved. An additional €6,948.24″

“It’s going to be a lot more difficult, but I have heard of it being done. You would need to show joint property deeds or rentals, joint bank accounts, etc, dating back at least a couple of years.”

“Apply individually. higher financial amount for approval, however.”

“You can apply by common law partnership. This is the Miami consulate. I would email the consulate and ask what specifically you need to prove it.”

“You can apply separately. I got a Non lucrative Spain visawith my children totally separate from my husband who got an autonomo visa. Our initial Non lucrative Spain visa were approved in 2 weeks while his took 5 months.”

“We did but we also have kids. We are registered partners in CA and showed the certificate when we applied plus birth certificates for the kids. If you have any documentation to show partnership of common law partnership then that should work.”

“We took the same route. Both our names are on our kid’s birth certificate and we have a domestic partnership (only really means anything in a little town in Montana).”

In summary, some suggestions from our Non lucrative Spain visa Facebook group members include applying as dependents, applying as a domestic partnership, and applying individually with a higher financial requirement. Other suggestions include applying as a common law partnership and presenting documentation such as joint property deeds, joint bank accounts, and birth certificates to demonstrate the partnership. It is also noted that the process may be more difficult for an unmarried couple.