How can I keep my US bank and investment accounts without a US address after moving to Spain?


I was wondering if anyone who moved to Spain. Has kept there US BANK and Investment Companies with no US address. Because we really don’t have anyone we can us.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Chase bank acct – and anytime mailbox. They are easy. They will even deposit checks.”

“Why not open a virtual mail box and have mail go there and they can scan to you if needed”

“We have a mail receiving service that receives our US mail. Physical Address dot com.”

“Credit Union and Fidelity both have my Spain address.”

“Get a Schwab intl account. No atm fees, no foreign transaction fees. I believe its the only US bank where you can live abroad and LEGALLY have an account in US. They’re cracking down on that more and more each year”

“My credit union also said I could move over seas but could only open account in the US”

“We’ve always had our mail go to a mailbox then that way if we move nothing needs to be changed”

“I have my vanguard account with my Spain address”

“We have a virtual mailbox. It’s ok, not perfect.”

“We changed both our us bank and investment firms to our Spanish address”

Anytime mailbox is the one we use. Very easy.”