How can I get a work permit in Spain as an American? I got a job offer.

Question about getting a work permit in Spain

How can I get a work permit in Spain as an American? I got offered a job but the company doesn’t do work permits. Can someone tell me what the steps are?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Countries usually don’t like foreigners taking jobs from locals unless you are in a field that is really needed and in short supply like doctors, nurses, software engineers, pilots. Good luck but it doesn’t sound promising.”

“If they don’t “do” work permits than you’re not getting that job nor residency in Spain. The company has to sponsor your visa since you’re from outside the EU.”

“How long have you lived in Spain and on what visa are you on?
If you’ve been in Spain for at least a year on an NLV you can switch to cuenta ajena without being subject to the labor test and without the company needing to do additional paperwork to get you a work permit. If you’re an aux, you’ll need three years.
If you were hired but have yet to establish residency here, you’re out of luck.”

“Oh no. That’s a shame. You’re not an EU passport holder. If not, there may be a solution.
Your solution: get a (not full time—Spanish classes, cooking, music..) student visa and you can now work 30 hours a week instead of 20. They’ll just have to hire you as a stdt.
Better work hours.”

“Sadly you are not legally allowed to work in Spain with some exceptions one being a work permit from a company who is willing to sponsor you”

“Hire a lawyer. It’s really the best thing you can do to really make sure you succeed with the visa. They can tell you a few options you have depending on your situation, usually contrato de prácticas, highly skilled, digital nomad, or autónomo”

“The only way is for the Company starts the process in your country of origin. you cannot apply for a work permit while in Spain. This is the only way..”