What are the advantages of Golden Visa Spain over Non Lucrative Visa Spain for permanent retirement in Spain without working?


What are the advantages of pursuing the Golden Visa Spain route over the Non Lucrative Visa Spain (NLV) if we have the funds to meet the requirements for both options and intend to permanently live in Spain without working?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”There are more restrictions on movement with a Non Lucrative Visa Spainand you cannot work. Maximum 10 months out of Spain over the 5 years with max 6 months out at a time

”Benefits of Golden Visa Spain: You can work. Cheaper and often quicker visa (apply from Spain) You can choose your tax domicile. You can come and go as you please. If you are happy to remain a temporary resident. Benefits of NLV: No outlay needed in property of investment to get visa”

”Something to consider Portugal has stopped the Golden Visa and Spain is talking about following the same. Golden Visa seems to be easier than Non Lucrative Visa Spain.”

”I wouldn’t wait that long if you want to use the golden visa. If it were me I would choose the golden visa over the Non Lucrative Visa Spain”

”Golden Visa Spain is a good route, you may already be aware but the investment/ownership of the property at 500k can only be in one name eg 2 people = 1 million of investment”

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”If you want to buy a property and the total amount of this property is €500,000, you are the perfect candidate to obtain residence as an investor (GOLDEN VISA) and enjoy all the benefits of this residence, the initial one would be for 3 years, which allows reunification of family members who would have the right to residency and work permit in Spain. Although you can apply for the non-working visa card as well, it would already be your choice”

”Some major advantages over NLV: 1. Can work if you want 2. Can be out of Spain most of the year if want (but note this possibly affects permanent residency filing status) 3. Can avoid Spanish tax residency 4. Can bring over-dependent parents 5. Actual receipt of visa is quicker 6. Can apply from Spain”

”There’s speculation that the Golden Visa Spain may be coming to an end. You may want to do a little research on that”

”Golden Visa Spain is easier and can be applied for from within Spain. However, what can put people off is that the 500k property can be held only in one name and not both”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, pursuing the Golden Visa Spain route offers advantages such as the ability to work, a potentially quicker and less expensive visa process, flexibility in travel, the option to choose your tax domicile, and the opportunity to bring over-dependent parents. However, it requires a property investment of at least €500,000 in one name. Stay informed about any potential changes to the Golden Visa program in Spain.

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