Does anyone have experience obtaining a TIE in Madrid without a long-term apartment contract?


Does anyone have experience getting a TIE in Madrid with NO apartment contract?

I read online that it’s possible via an “Empadronamiento sin domicilio fijo”, but does anyone have experience with it?

Or can I get the TIE from a different region than I said I’d be moving to when I applied for the NLV? I read that some regions don’t ask for the Empadronamiento when applying for TIE, does anyone know of such areas?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”You need your padron to get a TIE.”

”I’ve read some accounts of people not needing padrons when getting their TIE, so am trying to get more information”

”I asked a lawyer this very question and was told that it cannot be done. You need a long-term rental contract, proof of home ownership, or a friend to go to the office and vouch for you living with them”

”Sevilla is the only place I have seen someone TIE without a Padron. It won’t fly for renewal but for the initial, I’ve seen it twice with success”

”Friend vouching for you is probably the best option. The friend needs a long-term contract.”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, in Madrid, it appears that obtaining a TIE without an apartment contract or official address (Empadronamiento sin domicilio fijo) may not be possible. Some members suggested that Seville might be an exception, but it may not work for TIE renewal. One option mentioned is having a friend vouch for you with a long-term contract. Remember to consult official sources or legal professionals for accurate information.