Can you apply for an Non Lucrative Visa Spain before you actually retire so you are able to move to Spain the week you retire?


Can you apply for an Non Lucrative Visa Spain before you actually retire so you are able to move to Spain the week you retire?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”I’ve seen this question before. The short answer is no. However, there are always changes made to the rules. NLV you need to provide proof you not working”

”We applied before my husband actually retired. They asked us for a letter from his company stating that he would retire on X date. We had to go back in person with it (NY Consulate) and we took the time and trouble to get it translated even though she said that it wasn’t required. We have not been approved yet”

”You can retire at any point you want, the employer can issue you with a P45 within a day or two. Keep a paper trail of your letter of resignation highlighting that you are retiring, you also need the letter of acceptance from the employer, take the originals and copies with you to your appointment at the consulate”

”I did not have to provide a p45. I showed funds and that I owned a property in Spain. That was in London. It might have changed but I think it is still the same”

”You can apply for an NLV any time you like, providing you meet the criteria”

”We just did it. We are leaving today. My last day of work was last Thursday”

”Why is everyone negative about new people wanting to move to Spain, instead of actually helping someone to do this”

”You can have a Non Lucrative Visa Spain without retiring”

”You can apply for a Non Lucrative Visa Spain at any age and as I will be doing at 62 years. I have absolutely no intention of working until 67yrs as I wish to actually see Spain and enjoy it and not just be old and past it”

”We applied for and were approved (in Canada) while my husband was still working. We submitted our application on June 1, received our visa on June 18 and my hub’s retirement date was August 11. Our visa says we can enter Spain any time from Sept 1 (because that’s the date our medical insurance starts). We provided a copy of my husband’s “Letter of Intent to Retire” that he had submitted to his company as well as a letter from the company (on letterhead) acknowledging the letter and confirming what his last day of work would be. We also submitted a confirmation of his national pension beginning at the end of August”

”Two years ago via the Edinburgh consulate, I left work on May 28th and had an NLV appointment on 19th June. I hadn’t been asked to. provide evidence I’d left work up to that point, but once at the appointment, the guy asked me for evidence I’d left work. Luckily I had a letter in my handbag which he looked at and said I needed to get translated and send in via email. Once home I did this. I know he never opened the email because it had a read receipt on it but the point is, they do want to be assured you’re not working it seems”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, it is possible to apply for a Non Lucrative Visa Spain (NLV) before retiring, but the process may vary. Some applicants have succeeded by providing evidence of their retirement plans, such as a letter of intent to retire. However, the specific requirements and procedures may differ by location, so it’s crucial to check with the Spanish consulate or embassy in your area for the most up-to-date information. For example, it seems London’s Spanish consulate is usually quite strict about its requirement of a P45 form, although one of Spainguru members stated not needing to provide it. Ultimately, meeting the criteria and demonstrating your intent to reside in Spain without working for income are key factors in the NLV application process.