What steps should my family take to apply for the Spain digital nomad visa after I’ve been accepted?

Question about the Spain digital nomad visa

I applied for a Spain digital nomad visa at the Spanish consulate in Mexico, but the official there said only I could apply, not my family. If I’m accepted, he suggested I could add my family later in Spain. Any suggestions on what to do next?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Travel to Spain with everyone. Bring apostilled birth certificates and carta de no antecedentes (background check) for the adults, also apostilled. Once you get there apply (everyone at the same time) and they have to get back to you in 20 days. If they don’t, you apply for silencio administrativo and it’s an automatic yes. You might need a lawyer just to submit the papers online (you don’t need hard copies just scanned docs when you apply). Also, make sure you all fly directly to Spain to that the entry stamp”

”You need to take them some official documentation about the process, in Spanish. We also applied in Spanish consulate in Mexico for a visa, and there was some education that we had to do. I’d start with sending an email with the documentation attached, explaining the situation thus far, and see what they say from there”

”The Spanish consulate in Mexico is CLUELESS about this visa. I gave up”

”I applied in Spain and was approved. We are applying to add my husband and kids. It really should be an easy process to add them later with the same documents you had ready to apply now”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, if you’ve applied for a Spain digital nomad visa and were initially told only you could apply, you may want to consider travelling to Spain together with your family, bringing the necessary documentation, and applying as a group once in Spain. Alternatively, prepare official documentation in Spanish, email the consulate about your situation, and be patient with the process. Some travellers have found it easier to apply for family members after their own approval. Just be aware of potential challenges and consult with experts if needed.