Was the denial of Spain Digital Nomad visa due to a missing passport stamp or documentation issue?

Question about the Spain Digital Nomad visa

I entered Spain by road on August 9th, received a signed “Entrada” on August 11th, and applied for something on August 14th. However, my Spain Digital Nomad visa application was denied, and the reason given is that I didn’t prove I had legal status in Spain when I applied.

They mentioned something about needing a “visado de teletrabajador.” Could it be that I needed a stamp in my passport? What did I miss?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”We applied with our Entrada as we drove directly from Belgium but didn’t actually didn’t submit the application for 2.5 months later..sorry this happened”

”Make sure you don’t use or of the VPN on your computer when applying”

‘Without an entry stamp, they can’t know if you are in the country, so you need one”

”I got the same. I appealed. Still waiting for an answer.”

”If you are still within 90/180 Schengen days, don’t appeal! Resubmit everything again”

“You will need a Declaración de Entrada, issued by the Police once in Spain”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, it is suggested to submit the application promptly after entering, avoiding VPN usage during the application process, ensuring to ahve an entry stamp is in the passport or a Declaración de Entrada issued by the Police. Considering an appeal if denied, and potentially resubmitting all necessary documentation as a better option for appealing provided you are still within 90/180 Schengen days.

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