Is the Padrón and a SIM card needed for TIE appointment?

Question about the TIE appointment

  1. Can you confirm/deny the following: The police will need our padrón at the TIE appointment?”
  2. “Could we use our local friend’s cell for Padron and TIE that are SMS capable, or must we have Spanish cell phones?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”You get your padrón and TIE first! You can get the cell later! With a TIE you can open a bank account”

The first thing I did was to get a Spanish SIM card (Vodafone at the airport) because my padrón and TIE appointment processes asked for it. Could it be done without a local phone number? Probably but much easier with a Spanish phone number to receive confirmation text and codes”

”The order is:

1. Get a prepay sim card to get a Spanish number. You should have your own number. You need this number for everything.

2. Open an online bank account with N26 to get a Spanish IBAN. You can use a temporary address for this but you should be able to receive mail because they will mail you the card.

3. Go to all the local banks until a bank allows you to open an account using a passport.

4. Find a rental (at least 6 months) to get a formal rental contract. To do this, you need a Spanish IBAN to pay bills and a phone number. Ideally, you can finish this step within the first 1.5 months upon arrival. Once you secure the rental, get an appointment to get empadronamiento and also the police for TIE.

5. Get padrón using a rental contract. Update the bank your address by showing your padrón.

6. Get a TIE appointment and obtain the TIE at the police using the padrón certificate and phone number. You see you cannot jump to 6 before finishing 5, etc. Steps 3 and 4 are the most difficult. The others are straightforward”

”Make sure your 6-month rental allows you to use their address for your Padron as many holiday lets will not”

”Some years ago you could open an account with the passport, you could also hire a gestor to help you with NIE (TIE is the fiscal card) NIE is the tax identification number.
A lot of places may ask for a 12-month rental agreement, but from reading here at least 6-month rent is customary”

A bank account is not necessary if you have a wise app. It can be linked to a foreign account”

”We are currently at the beginning of our journey. I read recently of somebody who rented a property for 6 months, feeling they did the correct thing but then became unstuck because the property they rented did not have a license for long-term rental, only for eg holiday let and short-term only, therefore they were then stuck in a contract and not have an address they could use”

”You should go to Town Hall where you’re staying for Padron within 30 days of arriving. Your first year’s TIE is part of your visa. So you’ve got that. Lobster sim excellent cheap and in English. Take your passport to the Bank it has your NIE and TIE printed on your Visa open bank account. We have a pension plan in so don’t pay any fees or landing fees. So make it clear you won’t pay fees. Sabadell rip you off we’re with CaixaBank”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, having a Spanish phone number, obtained through a Spanish SIM card, is recommended for administrative processes such as getting your padrón and TIE appointment. It’s also important for opening a Spanish bank account, which is commonly required for various official tasks.

The process involves several sequential steps, including securing a rental contract and obtaining the padrón before applying for the TIE. It’s crucial to ensure your rental agreement permits padrón registration. Planning and executing these steps systematically is essential for a successful transition to life in Spain.