Can Iberoamerican Spain non lucrative visa holders waiting for Spanish citizenship work on a different visa while waiting?


Can individuals from Iberoamerican countries waiting for Spanish citizenship after two years under the NLV switch to a work visa during the third year while awaiting citizenship results?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”You can modify to a different residency type if you want. You just need to continue to be a resident”

”I would renew… i already know how to and hoping it won’t be long until it’s approved. Personally, I’d be scared to mess up a new application. I applied in Sept and my TIE expires in late August, so just hoping to hear back soon”

”I’d be afraid of a possible denial and how it’d affect your citizenship application, I’ve been wondering the same as I’m on the same boat but probably better to not mess with it”

”Renew NLV or modify to another residency visa. Approvals for citizenship are coming back faster than ever this year, but that’s not always the case. Mine for example is going on 10 months. You are meant to keep your residency valid until you do the jura and get the acta, which depending on where you live can take anywhere from a few weeks in smaller comunidades to up to 5-8 months in the larger ones (that’s on top of the initial wait time for citizenship approval). I applied in January, my visa expires in December and I plan to renew. Even if I get approved before the end of the year, the wait time for jura where I live is 6 months”

”If you want/need to work, you might as well change your residency type after your first year, and then it doesn’t matter as much. Hopefully by the time you’ve got two years under your belt, your change will have been approved and you’re working someplace”

”Our case is the same and we are on a NLV, our lawyer told us we needed to apply for renewal as we need to keep legal residency throughout the entire process. And he told us too that even in the fortunate case the resolution take less than the year we still have left on the NLV, the paperwork afterward like the jura etc takes long and if we have our TIE expired we may not be able to travel or do paperwork that requires us to have it valid. So we are planning on renewing it although we wanted to avoid the hassle”

”Much safer to renew on the NL.
When renewed you can then apply for other types of work residency without risk of losing your NL residency or losing your nationality if you become a non-resident”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, during the wait for Spanish citizenship under the NLV, options include renewing the visa to maintain legal residency or exploring alternative residency types for work. Renewing the NLV seems safer, ensuring continuous residency while awaiting citizenship, while others caution about potential risks with new applications. Ultimately, it’s about balancing the need for work and maintaining residency status throughout the citizenship process.