What’s the quickest way to get a Spanish TIE fingerprints appointment?


What is the fastest way to get appointment for Spanish tie/fingerprints? I got an appointment for December 7th but have a trip already scheduled for November 30th. I have been advised by my lawyer not to leave before I have my fingerprints done.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Depends where you are. Some provinces just don’t have any earlier ones available”

”Depending on where you are, that’s a fast appointment! They can take months to get. You can, however, make an appointment at the same office for a “regreso” (same website you made the TIE appt on) and get a document that allows you to return to Spain without hassle if you travel before you have your TIE card. Hopefully those appointments are more readily available then the TIE card type”

”There are services that may be able to get appointments for a fee. Google something like “NIE services near [my city]”. In Valencia I think it’s possible to get the padron without an appointment by going to the ayunamiento early in the morning and waiting on line. But I don’t know the details so you’ll have to search for more info”

”Search up the telegram appointment bot in the group, someone posted it in a comment. Got mine for the following week within a day due to a cancellation. €6 I believe, but small price to pay for peace of mind”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, securing appointments for TIE cards or NIEs can vary by location. Suggestions include trying “regreso” appointments, paid services, or Telegram appointment bots. Overall, exploring these varied options can help expedite appointment booking based on location differences.