How long does it take to obtain the Spanish citizenship? Time to get Spanish passport after citizenship?


What is the timeline from applying for Spanish citizenship to official approval, and how long does it typically take to obtain a Spanish passport after gaining citizenship?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Mine took 8 months for diy application online. I went to the civil registry the next day, got the oath taking, Spanish birth certificate. Booked an appointment online for DNI and passport which you can get an appointment for the next day, the process took 10 mins. Location: Alicante”

”Today I make 14 months since I submitted and nothing yet. Many resolutions are coming out in 6 months but you never know where you’ll fall within this process”

”I read in the new that is a huge backlog of applicants as far back as a few years ago”

”Mine took three months with a lawyer that went through colegio de abogados .Arraigo laboral 2021”

”Im sending my paperwork in this Friday?? The latest schedule I have read is: 5months to get approval, 2 months to do the appt for jura, 1 or so for dni & passport. If you have a hiccup in the process that’s what delays everything”

”We had three different people in our family get it, and all went from application to concession letter in 7.5 months or less. Once you get the concession letter and do your swearing, you can get the passport very quickly- with a week or two. Once you get the proper birth certificate, you go to the CNP and they’ll make you a DNI and passport on the spot”

”Since October/November 2022 there is an effort to try to get citizenship applications approved faster. Many people who applied since then are seeing approval in 6-8 months. A friend of mine got her approval in 5.5 months, she didn’t use an attorney. For comparison I used an attorney with Madrid ICAM, still waiting for approval at 9 months. Unfortunately people who applied before the effort started aren’t helped by the faster times”

”About 1-1.5 years from application to approval of Nationality. Then another 1-3 months before you have the passport”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the timeline for obtaining Spanish citizenship varies among applicants. Some report swift processes, with one DIY applicant securing approval in 8 months and obtaining a passport within days.

Others face longer waits, with one individual waiting 14 months, possibly due to a reported backlog. Efforts to expedite applications since late 2022 have resulted in approvals in 5.5 to 8 months for some.

Commonly, passports are issued relatively quickly post-approval, ranging from a week to a few months. Factors like the use of attorneys and specific circumstances impact processing times. In general, applicants should expect 1-1.5 years from application to citizenship approval, with additional time for passport issuance.