Spain Digital Nomad Visa: What are the costs and timelines for a UK citizen with an LTD company applying for Autónomo?


I want to apply for the Spain Digital Nomad Visa. UK citizen, own LTD company. Happy to apply for the Autónomo as cba with the A1 delay. What sort of prices and timescales am I looking at here, and who can help me do it?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

‘’Autónomo is indeed easier and faster with the downside of SS. Other than that, as you mentioned, you don’t have to wait for the A1 so much much faster. After the Christmas period everything (translators etc) will be faster too so it should not take very long but you do need the ACRO which takes 3-4 weeks.

I suggest applying for that if you’re in a rush as it’s valid for 6 months anyway. Once you have the ACRO, the certificate of incorporation+apostille won’t take very long and the translators don’t usually take very long either.

Regarding prices, the translation costs depend on your documents and the lawyer/professional fees vary so I recommend asking for a quote’’


Acoording to Spainguru’s Spain Digital Nomad Visa Facebook group members, opting for Autónomo, though faster, involves Social Security considerations.

Post-Christmas, processes are expected to accelerate, with obtaining an ACRO (3-4 weeks) recommended to expedite the timeline. Costs vary based on document specifics and professional fees; obtaining personalized quotes is advised for accurate estimates.