Spain Golden Visa: If a property investment is slightly below the 500,000€ minimum, what alternatives exist to make up the shortfall of 10-30,000€?


Spain Golden Visa: What do people do if their property investment falls just short of the 500,000€ minimum? What else might count to make up a small investment shortfall, say 10-30,000€?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

‘’I did exactly that. I was short and bought a garage in Malaga which was very easy to do and used the same lawyers to do it. I thought about renting it out (you could get about 50 euros a week) but have actually just used it myself.

It does not cost a lot the own the garage and I suspect it will not Be a great investment in itself but does have the possibility to earn money. I bought in the same year as I bought my house.

Good luck with your plans. When I applied for the gv you have to show the two deeds and purchase price of the property’’

‘’A garage’’

‘’Parking spot. They often go for 10k-20k’’


According to Spainguru’s Golden Visa Facebook group members, o address a property investment shortfall below the 500,000€ minimum, individuals have opted for creative solutions.

One approach is investing in additional real estate, like a garage or parking spot, which not only helps meet the threshold but also offers potential for rental income. This strategy provides a practical way to bridge the investment gap and diversify one’s portfolio.