Spain Digital Nomad Visa: What if I lose my job?


If you lose your job can you live off your savings so long as you continue to contribute to autonomo, under a Spain Digital Nomad Visa?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Yes, I believe so. But you would need to have a new job that meets the requirement if you plan to renew.”

“You should inform the UGE within 30 days and if possible switch to a new contract, or if you have paid enough Social Security, the dole.”


The discussion among Spainguru’s Facebook group members suggests that individuals on a Spain Digital Nomad Visa can potentially live off their savings if they lose their job, provided they continue making contributions to autonomo (self-employment tax system in Spain).

However, it’s important to notify the UGE (Unidad de Gestión de Extranjería, or Immigration Management Unit) within 30 days and, if possible, secure a new job that meets visa renewal requirements or switch to a new contract.

Additionally, if one has made sufficient contributions, they might be eligible for unemployment benefits (the dole).