Spanish Digital Nomad Visa: Is Private Health Insurance Required for Applicants?


We just learned from our lawyer that private insurance is not needed for the Spanish digital nomad visa, is this correct? I feel I’ve read most do have private insurance, what is the Spanish healthcare called so I can begin researching? Any other thoughts about pros and cons of each would be awesome, thank you!


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

If you are applying as self-employed (as most are if not working in the UK, Russia or EU), private insurance is NOT needed. Even if applying from the UK, it’s not strictly needed as you can get an S1 form.

You are pledging to pay Spanish social security and this gives you public healthcare for the whole family. Many choose to get private insurance anyway, but it could be better to get a cheaper policy with copayments, as it’s not needed for the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa”

Spanish Digital Nomad Visa: Is Private Health Insurance Required for Applicants?


In conclusion, the requirement for private health insurance for the Spanish digital nomad visa depends on your specific circumstances. While private insurance is not strictly necessary if you are contributing to Spanish social security, many applicants opt for it to enhance their healthcare coverage.

This choice can be influenced by personal preferences or the need for more comprehensive or immediate healthcare services that may not be covered under the public system. The Spanish public healthcare system, accessible through social security contributions, provides ample coverage, yet some choose private insurance for the added benefits and peace of mind it offers.

As you plan your application, consider both options to determine which aligns best with your healthcare needs and financial situation during your stay in Spain.