Spain Digital Nomad Visa: Combining Incomes and Savings for Family Applications


My spouse, our three children, and I will be traveling there to apply for Spain Digital Nomad Visa.

  1. Does applying for the Spain Digital Nomad Visa individually first increase approval chances for the rest of the family?
  2. Can spouses combine their incomes to meet the Spain Digital Nomad Visa’s financial requirements?
  3. Are there limitations on supplementing income with savings for the Spain Digital Nomad Visa application?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“1. No, the probability is exactly the same. The only issue is if you are applying as self-employed, you will usually have to finish all the registration process before you can add on family members. And this can take many months. If you apply together, this isn’t an issue. 2. & 3. We do not recommend applying with a lower income than the threshold and supplementing with savings. There is a post of group members who were sadly declined for this reason, as it’s a common question. A much better strategy is to boost your income for 3 months – take on a second client, work overtime or somehow combine your spouse’s income with your own.”

“I just wanted to clarify something about point #2. When you mentioned combining the spouse’s income with your own, did you mean it’s possible to include both applicants’ incomes within the application? Or were you suggesting that the spouse with the lower income should share some contracts with the other spouse, so the higher income becomes even higher, before submitting the application? I just want to ensure I understand correctly. Thanks!”

“You cannot combine incomes for the Spain Digital Nomad Visa. It would be if you could move contracts over so one makes more than the other, for example.”


The consensus from the community indicates that for a Spain Digital Nomad Visa application, the probability of approval does not increase by applying separately as a family.

Additionally, it clarifies that individual incomes cannot be combined to meet the financial requirements. The advice suggests boosting income in the short term rather than relying on savings or attempting to combine incomes in ways not permitted by the application process.