Autorizacion de Regreso: What Happens If I Enter the EU Through a Country Other Than Spain?


Does anyone know what happens if I return to Europe with a return authorization (autorizacion de regreso) and enter the EU through a country other than Spain (e.g. Germany)?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“The autorizacion de Regreso can only be used to enter Spain, other borders won’t recognise it.”

“You might have problems. You can only use an autorizacion de regreso to directly enter Spain from outside the Schengen area. Germany is strict about these things; you’d probably run into serious trouble.”

“I have read in other threads that this is a big no. Can complicate your process.”


The feedback from the group clearly advises that the autorizacion de regreso is intended solely for re-entry into Spain and is not recognized by other EU countries.

Attempting to enter another Schengen area country like Germany with this document could lead to significant complications.

Travelers should plan their return to ensure direct entry into Spain to avoid potential legal and immigration issues.