Spain Digital Nomad Visa: Fast Application during a short stay in Spain


I’m hoping for the 3-year Spain Digital Nomad Visa approval, but I don’t want to make the official move until I know for sure I have been approved. If I understand correctly, I have to be in Spain on the date the application is submitted, but I can leave the next day and wait for the confirmation in the US.

Does anyone have any more info/tips on this? I will apply for my kids too but the thought process is to apply for them once I have my approval and by that time I would be in Spain with them and they can also get the 3-year Spain Digital Nomad Visa.


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Yes, you just have to be in Spain on the date the application is submitted. You can then wait until approval in the US and then you can fly back here once you’re approved. Best to set the TIE fingerprinting appointment first before flying.”

“I would just add that to MAKE an appointment for TIE fingerprinting, you have to have an NIE which they would have if they are applying themselves, but if being done for them by a gestor or immigration attorney I believe the NIE comes with the favorable resolution? Might not be able to make the TIE appointment without that NIE, I believe. Someone double check me here though.”

“Here you go: Collect documents. Fly into Spain with documents (can be for as short as 1-3 days, as sometimes the system crashes). Apply in Spain via a representative (here are recommended immigration experts) or by yourself during that period. Fly back to your home country.

Wait for decision. Fly back to Spain once approved (for TIE fingerprint appointment, card collection, signing up as autonomo, etc). The address can be an Airbnb or even a hotel address (both have been used by past clients for application purposes and they’ve been approved).”

“Yes, you have to be in Spain at the time of application submission since they need a copy of your passport showing the entry stamp (they need copies of all the pages of your passport), and then you can leave. I did that 2 weeks ago when I was in Madrid. I stayed a week, then left. Currently waiting for the approval while here in NY.”


For the Spain Digital Nomad Visa, applicants must be present in Spain on the application submission date but can leave afterwards and await approval from abroad. It is advisable to prepare all necessary documents and potentially coordinate with a gestor or immigration attorney to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Planning the timing for dependents’ applications and potential returns to Spain for TIE fingerprinting and other formalities should be considered as part of the overall strategy for relocating under this visa type.