Spain Non Lucrative visa 2024: The Ultimate Guide with Ainhoa Manero of Sterna Abogados

Spain non lucrative visa retire in spain

Understanding the Spain non lucrative visa can be crucial for those looking to move to Spain without working locally. This visa is designed for individuals with sufficient financial means to support themselves.

In this discussion, Bruno Bianchi of SpainGuru speaks with Ainhoa Manero from Sterna Abogados, exploring the essentials of the Spain non lucrative visa, addressing common misconceptions, and discussing pathways to other visa types like the digital nomad visa. This conversation is an invaluable resource for anyone considering this unique opportunity to reside in Spain.


  • Brief introduction to the topic and guests: Bruno Bianchi from Spainguru and Ainhoa Manero from Sterna Abogados.
  • Overview of the Spanish non-lucrative visa and its significance for potential applicants.

Understanding the Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa

  • Definition and purpose of the Spanish non-lucrative visa.
  • Financial requirements and proof of sustenance necessary to qualify for the visa.
  • Common misconceptions about the visa’s employment restrictions.

Eligibility and Application Process

  • Explanation of who can apply for the non-lucrative visa, focusing on age restrictions and applicant demographics.
  • Detailed discussion on the key documents required for the visa application.
  • Step-by-step guide through the application process and timeline.

Challenges and Pitfalls in the Application Process

  • Common challenges applicants face during the application, such as issues with health insurance and document apostillation.
  • How consulate-specific requirements can affect the application.
  • Strategies to overcome potential hurdles and tips for a successful application.

Transition Opportunities and Legal Considerations

  • Opportunities to transition from a non-lucrative visa to a digital nomad visa.
  • Legal implications of such transitions and how they align with Spanish immigration laws.

Post-Approval Steps and Considerations

  • Necessary actions after visa approval, including registration and obtaining the residence card.
  • Discussion on renewing the non-lucrative visa and the impact of recent legal changes on renewal processes.

Tax Implications and Residency

  • Overview of tax responsibilities for non-lucrative visa holders in Spain.
  • How the visa interacts with Spain’s tax residency rules and double taxation agreements.

Permanent Residency and Citizenship

  • Pathways from holding a non-lucrative visa to obtaining permanent residency and Spanish citizenship.
  • Specific advantages for dual citizens under the fast-track citizenship program.


  • Recap of the key points discussed.
  • Final thoughts from Ainhoa Manero on navigating the complexities of Spanish immigration.

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