FBI Background Check Apostille Service Options


“I just got my US FBI Background Check results back and I have a couple of questions regarding Apostille Service options:

  1. It states it is for personal use only, can I still use it at my visa appointment? Or did I request the wrong type of RAP sheet?
  2. Has anyone used an apostille service and it was a viable option? 11 weeks feels like so much time but since my appointment won’t be till around early July I do have that time to spare if needed.”


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

Monument Visa are excellent – got our back within 2 weeks!”

“Mine came back in just under 3 weeks.”

“Be aware that some consulates will only accept documents obtained within 90 days of submission.”

“I was just at the LA consulate and both they and their website say 90 days for NLV, sure would be easier if it were longer.”

“Different consulates have different rules, which is just bizarre! I know they get super busy with student visas so maybe that’s why they give extra time on the background check. Honestly, I think 6 months is more reasonable.”

“I just looked at mine and I don’t see anything about personal use. You had your fingerprints taken and sent to the FBI? The documents are only good for 90 days. We used Monument Visa and got our apostille back in about three weeks.”

“I just checked Monument and the example they provided of the clearance is exactly what mine said so not only did you refer an apostille service to me but cleared this up hahahah. I really appreciate it and will probably be going with them!”

“I’m applying for a student visa, it is required to only be federal but that’s what I requested so it’s all good. But it varies from visa to visa so it’s good to look out for what’s required depending on the type.”

“Did you get the one WITH fingerprints? That’s mandatory.” – “Yes, I used a channeler approved by the FBI.”

“They are almost always done with fingerprints, state and federal. It can be done with old-fashioned fingerprints or a Live Scan, the digital form. It’s faster and easier. They both use fingerprints, I believe, both state and federal.”

“The LA consulate allows you to have your clearance 6 months within your appointment date ????.”

“Ah okay. An exception due to delays in processing, maybe.”

“I sent mine last week to Sharplink Services. They guaranteed return in 10 business days, which would be this upcoming week. It was about $175, but totally worth it for the speed. The document is valid for 6 months, contrary to what some have written here.”

“I used US Authentication services, 3 weeks, great customer service and can send abroad. Also, if it’s acceptable, it can be apostilled by the state of Washington DC which only takes 4 days. It’s the stamp of the Convención de la Haya, so probably not an issue.”


According to feedback from expats, using a FBI background check marked for personal use can still be valid for visa appointments if properly apostilled.

Many have recommended Monument Visa for quick apostille services, with turnaround times often shorter than expected.

Different consulates have varying requirements, with some allowing documents to be obtained up to six months in advance, while others stick to a 90-day rule. It’s crucial to check specific consulate guidelines and plan the timing of document submissions accordingly.