Resuelto Status: What Does It Mean for Your Spanish Visa Application?


What does RESUELTO mean? Does it mean you got approved with the visa???”

resuelto status spanish visa


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“It means they have issued a decision. It’s very likely a positive one but you won’t know for sure unless they tell you or you pick up/receive your passport back.”

“It means they have come to a conclusion. Check your dehu mailbox… might take a business day.”


The term “RESUELTO” in the context of visa applications generally indicates that a decision has been made regarding the application.

While this status often implies a positive outcome, it is essential for applicants to confirm the decision by checking official communications or receiving their passport. Applicants should remain in contact with the consulate or relevant visa office to obtain the final details of their visa status.