Our Spain Non Lucrative visa application at New York consulate (May 2024)

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Having recently navigated the Spain Non Lucrative Visa (NLV) application process at the NYC consulate, I’d like to share the journey, the bumps along the way, and offer advice to others currently navigating this path. The anticipation while waiting for the results can be daunting, but I’m here to share my experience.

spain non lucrative visa new york consulate

Documents and Preparation

For our application, which I did with my husband, we needed several key documents: our FBI background check, marriage certificate, and a letter of intent. We also included affidavits declaring we would not work in Spain. To ensure clarity and compliance, we had all our documents sworn translated as recommended. The birth certificate was not required for our process, saving us some time.

We notarized our letter of intent and affidavits, which was straightforward. However, translating and apostilling the FBI background check and marriage certificate were essential steps that required meticulous attention to ensure accuracy and acceptance.

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Personal Concerns and Advice

One of the more personalized aspects of our application involved the affidavit of no work. Given that I am of working age and already employed remotely, it was crucial to clearly state that I would not continue working once in Spain.

We also included an HR letter indicating my job termination, which was a requirement that might not apply to everyone but was necessary in our case due to the stringent checks by the consulate.

The question of ongoing employment and ensuring sufficient passive income was a significant concern. I prepared a detailed affidavit and had backup documentation to prove our financial stability beyond my current employment.

Consulate Experience and Insights

The NYC consulate, from my experience, has its specific requirements and nuances. For example, they asked for comprehensive documentation regarding our financial means and health insurance but did not retain our passports; a copy was sufficient.

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We also used a residential address of an acquaintance in Spain for the application, which is acceptable in NY, avoiding the need for a formal rental agreement beforehand.

Update on Our NLV Application Process

I wanted to share a recent development in our Spain Non-Lucrative Visa application. After submitting our initial documents, the consulate considered our application withdrawn because we didn’t submit all the required documents within the 10-day period following our appointment. This included a missing HR letter for both of us, as they were not clear that both needed to submit this document despite applying as a unit.

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Community Interaction and Support

The support from this community has been invaluable, and I encourage anyone with questions or needing clarification to reach out. Whether it’s concerns about document specifics or consulate-specific procedures, sharing experiences can significantly ease the application process’s stress.

Looking Forward

As we wait for our application’s outcome, I remain hopeful and prepared for any additional requirements that might arise. The process can be complex, but with proper preparation and community support, it’s manageable.

Key takeaways

  1. Document Preparation: Ensure essential documents like the FBI report and marriage certificate are translated and apostilled.
  2. Financial Proof: Demonstrate financial stability with clear documentation, including proof of income and an HR letter if applicable.
  3. Consulate Specifics: Understand and prepare for specific requirements of your local consulate, such as not needing a rental agreement for the application.
  4. Address Use: Use a residential address in Spain where you plan to move; it doesn’t necessarily need to be tied to a rental agreement.
  5. Community Support: Utilize advice and experiences from others who have gone through the process for guidance and support.
  6. Clear Communication: Maintain clear and formal communication in your application, particularly regarding your employment status and financial independence.