Spanish NLV Renewal: Can Property Value Count Toward Economic Resources?


If you own a house in Spain, can its value count towards your economic resources for a Spanish NLV renewal?

Spanish NLV Renewal


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“No, the funds have to be liquid and available.”

“The funds must be quickly available so you do not become a burden in case of financial issues.”

“Property rental income might count, but the property value itself does not.”

“For renewal, the main issue is having sufficient financial proof. Owning a house shows financial stability, which is good, but it doesn’t directly count toward the financial requirements for renewal.”

“Property title deeds do not appear to satisfy the official financial requirements for Spanish NLV renewal.”

“Assets like homes are not considered; only liquid savings and passive income are relevant.”


The consensus in the community suggests that while owning a property in Spain indicates financial stability, it does not meet the financial requirements for the renewal of a Non-Lucrative Visa.

Liquid assets and passive income are essential to demonstrate financial adequacy for visa renewal purposes.