Spain Non Lucrative Visa: Can an Unmarried Couple apply?


Can we apply for a Spain Non Lucrative visa as an unmarried couple? We have been living together for 15 years and own a property in Spain together. If not, how long do you have to be married before you can apply as a couple for NLV.

Spain Non Lucrative Visa: Can an Unmarried Couple apply?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“You can apply for the Spain Non Lucrative Visa as an unmarried couple, but you may need to demonstrate your long-term relationship and joint financial stability through documents like joint property deeds or other shared financial commitments.”

“For the application, financial requirements must be doubled as you both need to prove sufficient means individually unless you can prove your partnership is akin to a marriage.”

“Some consulates may require that you provide additional evidence of your partnership, such as a notarized declaration of your relationship or proof of joint financial activities over several years.”

“If you were to get married, you could apply immediately as a married couple, but as unmarried partners, the key is proving the longevity and stability of your relationship.”


Applying for a Spain Non Lucrative Visa as an unmarried couple is possible, but it requires thorough documentation to prove the relationship’s longevity and financial interdependence.

The process can vary slightly depending on the specific requirements of the Spanish consulate handling the application. It’s advisable to prepare detailed supporting documents and potentially seek legal guidance to ensure compliance with the application criteria.

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