Spain Non Lucrative Visa: How to Access Public Healthcare


What are the requirements to get into the Spanish health care system as someone on a Spain Non Lucrative Visa?

Spain Non Lucrative Visa: How to Access Public Healthcare


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Either you are a UK retiree that can access the S1 form, or pay into the public Spanish healthcare system using the Convenio Especial after 1 year in Spain. Note that Convenio Especial costs vary depending on your age and location and don’t include medicine costs that need to be bought over the counter.”

“Here is an article about the associated costs of applying for the non-lucrative Visa: Spain Non Lucrative Visa Costs. You can find recommended immigration lawyers, with a successful track record of Spanish Non-lucrative Visa (NLV) applications and approvals. You can request online consultations here: Spainguru Consultations. If you prefer the DIY route, you will still need services like apostilles, sworn translations, medical certificate, and unless you are a UK retired person, a compliant health insurance. Here you can find recommended professionals:

“It’s about 60 EUR per month if younger than 65, or about 160 EUR per month if older. I believe in Cataluña it is free.”

“Thank you for the info. Is there a site where one can sign up for it?” -“Just google Convenio Especial and region name, usually the link comes up.”


According to Spainguru’s Facebook group members, individuals on a Spain Non Lucrative Visa (NLV) can access the public healthcare system through the Convenio Especial after one year of residency.

The cost of this program varies based on age, generally around 60 EUR per month for those under 65 and approximately 160 EUR per month for those older.

However, regional differences exist, such as in Cataluña, where it might be free. For those interested in signing up, searching “Convenio Especial” along with the specific region’s name online typically provides the necessary information and links.

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