Spain Non Lucrative Visa: How Much Should You Pay for Application Assistance?


Could I have an idea of what people have paid individuals/companies to assist them through the Spain Non Lucrative Visa application process please? Not Embassy charges etc but purely support costs.


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Mine was €2300. Ended up firing them. Understand that you will do all the work. You will gather the documents not them. They will just tell you if it’s the right document and they will organize it for you. All this you can do yourself.

I fired mine because they made mistakes that cost me money. The first mistake they took off their bill. The second mistake I just decided I could do it myself. They have no control or sway in whether you are approved or not. If you have the requirements you will be approved. If you don’t then don’t bother.”

“It’s too difficult to say as individual circumstances are different, we used [a company], who is brilliant, and we used him again for our year 2/3 he will explain everything, and more importantly will not submit your application until it is perfect.”

“Zero! Doing all ourselves, just need to be organized and diligent.”

“Last year I went through this process and I paid for the cost of someone looking over my paperwork. That was a small charge because she wasn’t doing all the other stuff once there in Spain.”

“If you use a Spanish relocation Gestor, preferably local to the province you are moving to, they will give you a check list of what you need, look over your paperwork to make sure it’s correct, fill in Spanish forms, recommend a sworn translator have partners for health insurance etc all for around 200 – 250 EU.”

“£1000 but they have a zero rejection rate…”

“No one can offer a zero rejection rate…Spanish visa can’t be bought. If a lawyer is telling you this then they could be a scam.”

“I paid 400 euro plus all expenses. Perfect.”

“You don’t need to hire anyone. You can do it yourself!”


The costs associated with hiring professionals to assist with the Spain Non Lucrative Visa application process vary significantly, depending on individual circumstances and needs. While some applicants choose to handle the process themselves, others find value in hiring professionals to ensure accuracy and peace of mind.

The shared experiences highlight a range of potential costs from zero to over €2300. Key advice from members suggests that much of the document preparation can be managed independently, although some find comfort in professional support to navigate the complexities of the application.

Here’s a table that summarizes the reported costs for assistance with the Spain Non Lucrative Visa application:

DescriptionCost (EUR)Comments
Individual assistance (fired due to errors)€2300Managed document preparation, not application approval.
Company assistance (ongoing support)VariesCosts depend on circumstances, includes detailed guidance.
DIY (self-managed)€0Entirely self-managed, requires organization and diligence.
Review of paperwork onlySmall chargePaid for document review, minimal involvement.
Spanish relocation Gestor200 – 250Includes checklist, form filling, and local advice.
Service with “zero rejection rate”£1000Claims of zero rejection should be scrutinized.
Expat services€400 + expensesCovered all required services, cost-effective.
Self-managed without hiring anyone€0Completely independent handling of the application process.

This table encapsulates the variety of costs involved, from professional fees to DIY approaches, reflecting the diverse experiences and choices of the group members.