What’s the cheapest way to transfer money from the US to Spain?


Which is the cheapest way to transfer money from the US to Spain? Is Transferwire the cheapest way?

Also, do you have to justify transfers greater than 3K? (we’re talking about money coming from an account in which I am the holder and it’s form a major US bank)


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I use transferwise to transfer from US bank in my name to CaixaBank. The only limit is on 10k which is the daily max and that is tied to US banking law that if you have more than 10k in a foreign account you have to fill out the appropriate declarations“

“I paid rent for my son’s apartment in Barcelona and sent him money for three years from my US bank account. Transferwise is the best and cheapest.“

“TransferWise is great, I use it often. The fee really is much smaller than other options. Let me know if you want to use a referral code which also gets you a discount.“

“There are a few good ones. TransferWise is my choice but check sicompare.com as there are others such as revolut that are very popular“

“Transferwise is great. If it’s from your account to your account you won’t get flagged for anything. I’ve transferred up to 6 figure amounts with no issues.“

“Check out Spainguru’s alternatives to Spanish bank accounts and other money services: https://spainguru.es/2021/09/11/alternatives-to-a-traditional-spanish-bank-account-and-money-transfer-services-account/

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