Why are British moving to Spain?


Why are British moving to Spain? I see many people joining Spainguru’s Facebook group and most are from uk wanting to move to spain because they are fed up with the UK. Looks like there’s something wrong with the UK now. What could that be that so many people are fed up with, what could that be that so many people are fed up with I wonder…


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Lack of sun? Cost of living…”

“The Media who really run all the agendas”

“For us its the quality of life.”

“I just got back from Poland. I haven’t been there for 15 years, and my, how that country has come on leaps and bounds! The UK cities are starting to look very grim, and people look and dress poorly.”

“So much poverty”

“Weather and the Tories”

“The weather ,i am outside as much as i can be ,even in our winter its still pool time and barbie.”

“There will be something wrong if you look for it,and focus on the negatives! As with ANY country! I’m from Australia,currently living in the UK,and guess what?Aussies whinge about the same thing in my country as they do in the UK.No where is perfect folks.Not even Spain.”

“I left over 20 years ago. Had enough of just working to pay bills. Quality of life terrible too!”

“Broken Britain. And an iconic tree felled by evil Morons that are the sign of what the country has become. Never thought the day would come when we would want to leave
Our poor children/grandchildren have to stay for work”

“Most towns are just scruffy. Litter, graffiti, boarded up and abandoned shops. Its now more depressing as the nights draw in and its getting colder.”

“The cost of living much cheaper in Spain”

“We’re fed up with the weather, cost of living, crime rate, standards of schooling, traffic, working to pay bills with very little social life, plus a the youngsters running riot over here worth no consequences, Unfortunately we are not in a position to go yet, but we have a 5 year plan to be out in Spain by this time 2028.”

“In a nutshell, political correctness.”

“Im here at the moment in the UK visiting family. Each time I return im noticing incremental developments, This time its the cashless busineses , before I have always noticing how the government is on the World Economic Forum agenda, “sneaking it in,” It makes me very angry, Ive been on the fense about spain? Ive been living in Estepona for a year although I love the weather but miss British culture and everyday connections with people, I find it very lonely also casual conversation, “But the bottom line is, the UK is finished, I cant see how? In my lifetime the Damage done by thiese wretched governments can be repaired without a civil war? I miss Having British freinds and casual conversation, but I do think Spain now is the best option, And Spanish people are nice people easy going.
I would love to see more Brits coming to this area also.”

“Being poor is better in the sun. More free things to do and also better health care and less council tax. Isn’t that enough? The pensions in Spain are pretty good too.”

“Besides the cost of living in London just getting ridiculous for us it was this constant annoyance of having to pay so much tax and council fees yet services we need or want to access are either impossible to access or just not available due to lack of gov funding.”

“We came accross for a better quality of life. We live in rural Asturias so we certainly didn’t come for the weather!! We live in the back of beyond in a village of 90 people – all Spanish and no one speaks English. What we have is community and a sense of family – something I never found in UK of latter years”

“Political correctness and wokery gone absolutely mad. Much less of that here in Spain thank goodness.”

“The uk has had it! for anyone starting out they will not get on the property ladder without help from family!! it’s overcrowded the roads are rubbish , shall I go on!!”

“The Victoria’s are spinning in their graves…we had the best Empire and living conditions in the world…given away for some socialist virtue signaling…now Spain is better…”

“Poor weather, poor quality of life unless you are wealthy, high taxes, working to pay bills nothing left to enjoy life, Mickey Mouse government, increased crime rate, NHS is on its knees, the government squeezing money out of you any way they can, lack of help for people that really need it, 1000s of empty shops in run down towns & cities, high unemployment, closing down banks all over the place, no customer service due to self serve in most stores & supermarkets now, unclean streets with litter etc, I could go on, obviously problems follow you wherever you go but sometimes that change of somewhere different can help when it comes to one’s mental health.”

“I want a better life for my family the thought of having grandchildren in the UK scares me , crime is a joke , government are fleecing us left right and centre. Spain is just a total different atmosphere. Visiting different areas as a holiday maker the people there make you feel very welcome. As most of all I feel very safe even though I’m in a foreign country . Which I don’t feel even in my local area where I’ve lived for over 20 years after darkness. The places we’ve visited I’ve not seen any litter scrawled over the streets and everywhere is so clean . Puts the uk to shame”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, many UK residents are considering a move to Spain (or already moved) due to various dissatisfactions with life in the UK. These include the high cost of living, poor weather, political and social issues, and a perceived decline in quality of life and community values.

In contrast, Spain is seen as offering a better quality of life, more affordable living costs, a welcoming community, and a healthier environment. The desire for a change in scenery and lifestyle, coupled with concerns about the future in the UK, are driving factors for those contemplating relocation to Spain.