Spain Non Lucrative Visa: Is a Video Necessary for the Application Process?


I’ve been advised by my solicitor to create a video on my Non-Lucrative Visa Application, showing both sides and the front of my face. I’m filling out the form to request an appointment at the Spanish Embassy in London.

I’ve checked the form, but can’t find where to include the video. My solicitor is Laesa from Balcells in Barcelona, and I’ve tried reaching out to her without any response. If any of you have experience with this or can offer guidance, I would really appreciate your help.


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“I haven’t heard of that at all.”

“We received our Visa from the Spanish consulate in London and did not have to provide a video.”

“The bls website has some odd face photo request so maybe that.”

“The only video we had to do was for the Doctor re no contagious diseases. The bls website only has a live photo picture requirement. No video.”

“WHAT? We are from the US. None needed.”

“We did not have to do a video. You need 2 passport pictures with white background but even that is not essential as we had to redo ours on the day, as the background was not white enough. We did have to do a video for our medical and we did our appointment in London.”

“Never heard such a thing. It sounds concerning.”

“Each office seems to have their own requirements. I suggest just ensuring you are following the process as required from the office you are applying to.”

“We used BLS London didn’t have to do a video good luck.”

“We did no video for London consulate.”

“So strange! I did have to do a selfie with my passport open, but no video.”

“We did no video in Montreal. Are you sure that’s not for something else? It sounds like what you have to do when you open a currency account. They ask you to put your face in an oval space then turn sideways.”

“We didn’t do a video at all. Just passport photos. Manchester consulate.”

“I may be totally off base, here, but I think they’re pulling your leg.”


The requirement of a video for the Spain Non Lucrative Visa application appears to be an anomaly, not widely experienced by others applying through various consulates, including London, Montreal, and Manchester.

Most contributors agree that no video was required, suggesting the request may be either a misunderstanding or misinformation. Applicants are advised to adhere strictly to the requirements listed by the specific consulate or embassy through which they are applying, as procedures can vary. It’s essential to seek clarification directly from the Spanish authorities or a reputable legal advisor if uncertainties arise.

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