Non Lucrative Spain Visa: From Minimum income to Double income for renewal


“If you have €28,800 through pensions and passive income when applying for your Non Lucrative Spain Visa, how can you have double for years 2 and 3 if you cannot work?”


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“I don’t think you need to have double if it’s a regular income – only if relying on savings do you need to show double.”

“Pensions are assumed to be double over the 2-year period. The shortfall needs to be shown in savings or other ‘passive’ income.”

“If you have a private pension and you aren’t going to touch it, it counts towards your savings total.”

“You need the IPREM which currently is €28,800 then for year 2/3 it’ll be whatever IPREM is x 4, IPREM (usually) changes each year.”

“You only need double if you rely on savings. Pensions and passive income assume you’re covered for the next 2 years.”

“You need to budget to have the total required from start.”

“You multiply the monthly amounts by 24 instead of 12.”

“With a NLV how long can we stop in Spain for at anyone time”

“First visa is 1 year. Second visa is for 2 years….”

“Passive income is money you receive regularly from sources not related to your labor or effort. Savings is ‘money in the bank.’ You need passive income = / > than €28,800.00 per year OR savings = / > than €57,600.00 for 2 years OR an amount of passive income AND savings that are = / > €57,600.00 spread over 2 years. Example: income of €25,000.00 per year + savings of €32,600.00 = €57,699.00 for 2 years.”

Here’s an table that clarifies the calculations for passive income and savings needed to meet the visa requirements according this Spainguru member:

CategoryYearly RequirementTwo-Year RequirementExample Calculation
Passive Income Alone€28,800€57,600Passive income: €28,800 x 2 = €57,600
Savings Alone€28,800€57,600Savings needed: €57,600
Combination€28,800€57,600Passive income: €25,000/year x 2 + Savings needed: €7,600 (to reach €57,600 over 2 years)


Spainguru’s group’s input clarifies that while the initial requirement for the Non Lucrative Spain Visa might be met with €28,800 through pensions and passive income, maintaining this status in the subsequent years demands careful financial planning.

Applicants need to ensure they can demonstrate adequate financial means either through sustained passive income or a combination of income and savings to cover double the initial amount if they are not relying on regular income.

This article is based on personal experience and is not legal advice. Consult with our recommended immigration experts.