Expired Student Visa in Spain: what are my options?


I came into the country on a student visa in Spain. My residence expired some months ago, and I don’t have the finance to renew it. What can I do? My masters program is still on.

Expired Student Visa in Spain


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“As a student visa holder you never had residency only estancia right to remain to study under those conditions, 1 being to renew. Only thing I can suggest is if your program finishes this year is to submit a renewal anyway, as having renewal in progress grants you leave to remain. And since you’ve right to work I assume (some do some don’t). Maybe look to getting things sorted. Even if rejected you’d still have right to appeal once decision is made.”


The advice given highlights a potential pathway for students who find themselves in Spain with an expired visa and ongoing education commitments.

Despite financial difficulties, applying for renewal could provide a temporary legal status while the application is processed.

This interim period allows the student to remain in the country legally, and possibly continue working if their visa permits, until a final decision by the immigration authorities is reached.