Spain Non Lucrative Visa Cost breakdown in the UK


“Without Lawyers fees what would I expect to pay in total for Spain Non Lucrative Visa (NLV) .. applying from UK”


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“£3,800 for a couple of two. Excluding travel costs. Including health insurance for one year. No help apart from lovely people who had already secured visas.”

“Ditto we did it 2 years ago. Same as yourselves. Did it ourselves with help from lovely people who had already done it ????????”

“Things have changed a lot now in comparison to how people have already ‘done it’ before so be careful what information they give you make sure it’s correct!!”

“This was for the 1st year. Is there costs for year 2 and other than health insurance?”

“Good question, I’m assuming the cost will be the same for year 2 & 4 because you’re applying again, same process apart from having your NIE and TIE which is only about €20 of the cost.”

“It cost us £3,400 for two that includes health insurance for a year. We did it ourselves… when we reapply in August we have to have healthcare set up again and proof of enough money to live on for the next 2 years. Copy of TIE & up to date Padron, that’s it so it won’t be as expensive.”

“£560 at BLS, £50 ACRO, £100 to be apostille and translated, medical certificate 50€ had done in Spain so no translation or apostille required, health insurance around £1000. No agent.”

“Visa fee £516 plus admin fee. Health insurance £50pm. Health certificate £40. ACRO £55 + £44 + £25.”


The responses provide a detailed overview of the costs involved in applying for a Spain Non Lucrative Visa (NLV) from the UK, highlighting that expenses can vary significantly based on individual circumstances and requirements for health insurance.

Initial costs include visa fees, health insurance, and various administrative fees. For subsequent years, applicants should anticipate similar expenses, primarily revolving around health insurance and potential legal requirements like updating residency documents.

Here’s another community member’s Spain Non Lucrative Visa cost break down (April 2023) for an application without lawyers. Extra fees apply in 2024.

Google sheet link

Police Criminal Records Check (ACRO)£55.00Date on Police Check (ACRO) 18th March (valid for 3 months)
Medical Certificate (from local GP)£20.00Date on Medical Certificate 22nd March (valid for 3 months)
ACRO & Medical Certificate to be apostilled£60.00Used UK.GOV Legalisation Office
ACRO & Medical Certificate & Apostilles emailed for translation£65.00Used Sworn translator
Health Insurance (total cost for the year)£790.00Health Insurance (Standard Policy)
Bank statementsLocal branch printed statements for previous 3 months (NOT stamped/signed)
Appointment booked at Consulate (Manchester UK)Appointment slots only available for the forthcoming week (Booked 10th May)
Visa/passport received in the postExactly 6 weeks from appointment date (10th May)
Other documents presented at appointment
General National Visa Application FormDownloaded from Consulate website and completed before appointment
EX-01 (Temporary Residency NLV Application Form)£9.45Downloaded from Consulate website and completed before appointment
Modelo Tasa 790-052 Form£516.00Downloaded from Consulate website and completed before appointment
Private Investments statementPrinted online (NOT translated, stamped or signed)
Pension statement (P60)Printed online (NOT translated, stamped or signed)
Premium Bonds statementPrinted online (NOT translated, stamped or signed)
P45Received when retired (NOT translated, only first page taken by Consulate)
Deeds for property in Spain (Nota Simple)Provided by Spanish Lawyer via email (NOT translated as already in Spanish)
Miscellaneous Expenses
Passport photos (from Post Office)£5.00
Postage ’24 Track’ A4 envelope£3.40For the ‘Legalisation Office’ to return apostilled documents
1st Class ‘Self-Addressed Envelope’ size A4£1.55For the ‘Legalisation Office’ to return apostilled documents
1st Class ‘Self-Addressed Envelope’ Tracked (Passport return)£6.38For return of passport/visa from the Consulate
TOTAL COST£1,531.78
Total Cost without health insurance£741.78