Non Lucrative Visa Spain: Required Funds and Account Seasoning


“Regarding the non lucrative visa spain, Does the Consulate of Spain require a full 3 months (Seasoned) of 28,800 Euros in the bank account or just have the funds in full?”


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“I think they like to see that the funds have been available for a while, rather than just turning up in your account for the application ????”

“That’s why they want 12 months of bank statements…”

“Bank statements last 12 months.”

“I see on the website in San Francisco Consulate it’s 3 months.”

“Then go based on what the consulate says. Miami required 12 months in my US account.”

“I understand guidelines do change from Jurisdiction to jurisdiction, I am not sure why?”

“We were advised to have the money in the account for the three months prior to application. Check your local Spanish consulate website for your specific requirements.”

“Will Social Security and Pensions work (I retired in 2019), or must it be a full 28,800 Euros in the bank account? We are selling our condo, so we will have cash later this summer”

“It must be convertible into cash within a short period. It’s for you to be able to call on if something happens, so you don’t need to call on the state coffers. If you have a regular pension then that income counts.”

“Don’t arrive here in the first half of the year if you’ve sold/are selling a property in the same calendar year. You’ll get charged capital gains tax if you’re fiscal residents (which will happen if you spend more than 183 days here).”

“Just got my non lucrative visa spain from the Los Angeles Consulate, their requirement was 3 months of account statements.”

“I’m confused. I thought that you only had to prove that you had passive income that totaled that amount in a year. Does one need to have the full amount in the bank at the time of the visa application?”

“I am informed by a Spanish Attorney 1) 3 months statements of 28,800 Euros for the first year or you have passive income = to 2,400 Euros a month income.”


The requirements for demonstrating financial means for the Non-Lucrative Visa (NLV) application to Spain vary by consulate. Most consulates require proof that the funds have been available in an applicant’s account for a certain period, typically three months (LA Consulate), though some locations may request up to 12 months of bank statements (For example, Miami).

Applicants can also use regular pension income to meet the financial requirements. It is crucial for applicants to verify the specific requirements of their local Spanish consulate and ensure that their funds meet the seasoning requirements to avoid complications in the visa application process.