Pareja de Hecho and Single Status for Americans in Spain


Can anybody who has recently done Pareja de Hecho tell me what they used to prove that they are single? (From the USA) I have looked online but find different things on each site.

This certificate or document is also known as certificado de soltería, certificado de soltero, etc.


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Single certificate from the state you are from.”

“I submitted two things I think it depends on what state. Texas doesn’t have a singlehood certificate. but this is the form from the embassy website.”

pareja de hecho single americans in spain

“and also this form signed in front of a notary. All notarized, apostilled, and translated as well, any documents I had in English had to be translated.”

pareja de hecho single americans in spain

“Did you sign the form from the embassy and get it notarized? Or did you just print it and sign it and submit it like that?” – “I got that form notarized and apostilled as well just in case.”

“I emailed my state’s department of vital records and they wrote a letter, which was accepted. I tried doing a sworn document from a Spanish notary with the document from the Embassy, which I had seen others used, but it was denied in my case.”

“Sounds like most people are having the most luck with a certificate from their state. Do you then need to notarize and translate it?” – “It has to be apostilled, not notarized, which is automatically offered by your state for an extra fee. And yes, it must be translated.” – “I took mine to get apostilled and they told me it had to be notarized first but maybe it varies state to state.”

“If your state has some form of a single certificate, it has to be the single certificate.”

“I just went to a notary here and they drew up a paper that said I was single and that was accepted. I then attached the paper on the federal government’s website that says the US does not issue a singles document. Was way easier to do this way and I didn’t need any translations.”

“Could you send me the notary you went to if you still remember? Also when was this, was it recent? Thanks so much.”

“here’s their email! They’re on calle príncipe de Vergara. I did it last September.”


The process for proving single status for the purpose of registering a ‘pareja de hecho’ in Spain varies significantly among Americans in Spain, depending on their state of origin and the specific requirements of the Spanish region where they apply.

While some states issue a single status certificate, others do not, prompting expats to seek alternative documents such as notarized personal declarations or official letters from state departments of vital records.

These documents typically need to be notarized, apostilled, and translated to meet Spanish legal standards. Expats are advised to check the specific requirements with their local consulate and prepare their documents accordingly to smooth the registration process for pareja de hecho in Spain.