Golden Visa in Spain: Potential Cancellations and Changes – June 2024 update

Spanish golden visa in Spain

Recent political developments suggest significant revisions to the Golden Visa in Spain, which has historically facilitated residency for non-EU investors through substantial economic contributions. This article explores the evolving landscape of this vital immigration pathway amid new legislative proposals.

Key takeaways

  1. Sumar’s Legislative Initiative (May 14, 2024): Sumar registered a proposal in the Spanish Congress on May 14, 2024, aimed at abolishing the Golden Visa eligibility through real estate investments over €500,000. This move aligns with broader efforts by political parties like the PSOE to regulate foreign investments more stringently.
  2. PSOE’s Alternative Legislative Routes (May 23, 2024): After withdrawing a broader legislative reform due to potential parliamentary defeat, PSOE plans to push forward the changes to the Golden Visa through alternative legislative means post the European elections scheduled for June 9, 2024. This strategic shift underscores the ongoing adjustments in legislative tactics to achieve policy goals.
  3. Enhanced Investment Criteria and Business Impact: The proposals from Sumar and supported by PSOE emphasize shifting the Golden Visa program towards higher investment thresholds, such as a minimum of €2 million in Spanish public debt or €1 million in Spanish company shares. Additionally, a significant new criterion is launching business projects that provide substantial social or economic benefits, further aligning the program with national economic interests.

Recent Developments

The Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) has indicated it will pursue alternative methods to phase out the residency permits linked to real estate purchases over €500,000. This shift comes after the government withdrew a project that sought to implement these changes through the Ley del Suelo, amid concerns over potential parliamentary defeat.

Implications of the Proposed Changes

The proposed legislative changes aim to refine investment routes and focus on broader economic benefits such as employment creation and innovation. However, the short-term outlook suggests potential disruptions in the real estate market, especially in regions like Barcelona and Madrid, where foreign investment has been robust.

Golden Visa in Spain: Potential Cancellations and Changes - June 2024 update

Government and Legislative Process

The withdrawal of the Ley del Suelo has postponed the anticipated changes to the Golden Visa but the PSOE’s commitment to revising the program suggests that new proposals could emerge after the European elections in June. The legislative path will likely involve intense negotiations, given the varied political interests and the significant economic stakes involved.

The process will involve negotiations and approvals from both Congress and the Senate, which means further updates will emerge as the proposal progresses through these legislative stages.

Golden Visa in Spain: Potential Cancellations and Changes - June 2024 update

Íñigo Errejón, from Más País

Public and Political Reactions

The proposal has triggered mixed reactions across the political spectrum and among stakeholders. Investors express concern about the instability it introduces, while some political factions see it as a necessary step towards adjusting the economic impact of foreign investments in Spain. The Golden Visa in Spain debate highlights the delicate balance between attracting foreign capital and regulating its influence on local markets.


As Spain navigates these legislative changes, the future of the Golden Visa program remains uncertain. With the PSOE exploring new avenues to implement these changes, potential and existing investors must stay informed and prepared for shifts in the residency-by-investment landscape.