The non lucrative visa Spain

non lucrative spain visa

What is the non lucrative visa Spain?

The non lucrative visa Spain is a unique visa for non-EU citizens, allowing them to live in Spain and enjoy its culture, scenery, and history without needing to work or conduct business. It’s ideal for those who can financially support themselves and want to experience the Spanish way of life and its traditions.

For whom is the non lucrative visa Spain a suitable option?

The Non Lucrative Visa Spain is a perfect match for individuals who desire to live in Spain and have the financial stability to sustain themselves without engaging in employment. It is especially favorable for retirees, or anyone with a consistent passive income or substantial savings.

Documents needed to obtain the non lucrative visa Spain

To obtain the non lucrative visa Spain, non-EU nationals need to provide several essential documents. They must show evidence, typically through bank statements, of financial stability and the ability to support themselves and any dependents, with requirements set at 400% IPREM for the applicant and an additional 100% IPREM per dependent, translating to 28,000 euros plus 7,200 euros per dependent as of 2023.

Applicants also need a recent criminal record certificate, issued within the last three months from every country they’ve resided in over the past five years; this must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator and legalized or apostilled. Additionally, applicants must not have any medical conditions posing a threat to public health and must possess a Spanish health insurance that is at least equivalent to the Spanish public health service.

Key advantages of acquiring the non lucrative visa in Spain

Relocate along with your family

This visa offers the invaluable benefit of family relocation, allowing family members to share the enriching and transformative experience of living in Spain.

Enjoy unrestricted travel within the EU

The Non Lucrative Visa Spain grants the privilege of unrestricted travel within the European Union, enabling holders to explore the diverse cultures, histories, and landscapes of Europe.

Steps to apply for a Non Lucrative Visa Spain

The application process for the non-loyal visa Spain is designed to be straightforward. Applicants begin by contacting the Spanish consular office for their region and country of residence (Check your Spanish consulate in the US or the UK), usually needing to schedule an appointment via email or via an online service, before visiting the office in person. The specific office can be located through the Spanish Consulate website for the applicant’s country.

non lucrative visa Spain

Settle in Spain for the long term

Initial Residency and Extension Opportunities

The non lucrative visa Spain offers a pathway for individuals to settle in the country for the long term. It allows you to reside legally in Spain and apply for a 1-year residency permit, extendable for up to four additional years, provided you fulfill the ongoing residency requirements.

Transitioning to Permanent Residency

After a continuous 5-year stay in Spain, during your third renewal, you can apply for a permanent residency permit, valid for 10 years, granting access to the Spanish State Healthcare system, travel discounts, and other perks available to Spanish nationals and permanent residents.

Maintaining Residency Rights and Upcoming Changes

However, to maintain residency rights, you must not exit Spain for more than 6 months in any 1-year period or a cumulative 10 months during the initial 5 years of residency. This rule is under review following a successful challenge in the Supreme Court in June 2023. Upon securing permanent residency, the allowable absence is extended to 12 consecutive months or a cumulative 6 years over the 10-year residency card period.

Obtaining Spanish citizenship via legal residence

Achieving Spanish citizenship through residency offers numerous benefits. Typically, it requires a 10-year legal and uninterrupted residence, but there are expedited pathways available. Iberoamericans, Filipinos, and individuals from specific countries can access a fast-track process, requiring only two years of residence.

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Typical questions on the non lucrative visa Spain

What are the key conditions to secure the non lucrative visa Spain?

Applicants must be non-EU nationals, meet specific financial thresholds, comply with health and legal requirements, and fulfill other essential criteria such as proof of non-employment to ensure the successful acquisition of the visa.

Do I need to deposit the money in a bank account in Spain?

Depositing money in a Spanish bank is not mandatory for obtaining the non lucrative visa Spain; funds can be held in a financial institution in your home country, with the main applicant as the account holder. However, applicants from certain countries, like China or Russia, are required to have the funds in a Spanish bank account.

Can one secure a work permit at a later stage?

Indeed, many foreigners initially opt for the non-lucrative visa and, after the first year and subsequent renewal, transition to a work permit. This pathway is often simpler than starting the work permit process from scratch, allowing individuals to secure a work permit either as an employee or as a self-employed individual after establishing residency through the non-lucrative visa.

What is the duration of the application process?

After the interview and document submission, it can take up to 3 months to receive notification, depending on the consular office’s workload. Once approved, the visa must be collected in person within 1 month and used to enter Spain within the following 3 months; otherwise, entry may be denied.

Can one make investments in Spain while on a non lucrative residency?

Yes, even if you are not allowed to work actively, you can invest in the stock exchange or investment funds.

Is it feasible to obtain a non lucrative residence permit after numerous years with a student visa?

No, it is not feasible, After studying under a student visa, one cannot directly transition to a non-lucrative residence permit. Applicants must return to their home country and initiate the entire application process from there, ensuring all the stipulated requirements on this page are met.

What are the steps to renew this residence card?

You have the option to apply for a renewal of your residency up to 60 days before your residency permit expires, or within 90 days after its expiration. When you renew the non-lucrative visa, it grants you an additional two years of residency. Therefore, you must demonstrate that you possess sufficient financial resources to reside in Spain for the upcoming two years at the time of renewal.