Spain Non Lucrative Visa: Exploring Options for Splitting Time Between the UK and Spain


If we got a Spain Non Lucrative Visa, but only wanted to stay in Spain for 6 months, do we/can we apply for another NLV in 6 months’ time? At the moment, we don’t think we want to spend ALL our time in Spain, as we have other things going on – but unsure.

We’re (at the moment) unlikely to want to take residency after 5 years (but this might change), so was wondering how it works for people who want to have more of a split life between the UK and Spain.

Is it better to be more consistent with the NLV to obtain Spanish residency after 5 years so you can have a split life between 2 countries (UK and Spain)? There’s so much to think about.

Spain Non Lucrative Visa: Exploring Options for Splitting Time Between the UK and Spain


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“My understanding is – if you get a Spain Non Lucrative Visa (which costs you an arm and a leg and is a very painful process), then you get a TIE card of temporary residency (here you will need to own property or pay a 6-month rent contract), then you spend 6 months in Spain, you should be able to get the TIE renewed for the next two years, much easier than to get NLV.

Then, if you continue spending 6 months in year 2 and 3, (guessing next step) you may not get extended temporary residency into year 4/5. But there is nothing to stop you from applying for NLV again. You can apply for NLV as many times as you like. I personally wouldn’t want to go through the visa process again).”

“The Spain Non Lucrative Visa is not for that. Do not be surprised if you are denied.”

“I understood that you want to stay in Spain on a Spain Non Lucrative Visa for 6 months only? Yes, it’s possible. But, you need to prepare a lot of papers to submit for NLV and so long time to wait, then, after months, you can obtain NLV.

So, you come to Spain on NLV, finally. But it just begins. You need to find a long-term rental at least for 6 months, and pay a one-month rental to the agent, regardless of this payment, it is not easy at all to rent a house in Spain properly. Some cases took more than months.

You need this rental contract for your empadronamiento from the town hall to apply for your TIE card. Even if you find a rental of a house, you need to put down a deposit, for at least one month, but many landlords in Spain ask for more documents and longer time deposit or even, upfront rental payment for 6 months or 1 year. Even if you got this through, you need to go through hell of bureaucracy in Spain.

If you can speak Spanish well, it cannot be so hard, but to obtain a TIE card, just itself takes also times. You need always an appointment for this and many times it’s hard to find an appointment at the right time.

Some cannot get an appointment at the police station to apply and get the TIE card, so just reserve an appointment takes time. After you successfully applied for TIE card, you also need to wait until it is ready. It always depends on where, but in some cases, I know, people took it after 6 months or even 1 year later.

Well, if everything is going smoothly, you will know that your 6 months in Spain was spent only for cita, paper, waiting, and stress with renting a house… Possibly, you cannot get your TIE card within 6 months. You will find that you come to Spain only for experiencing Spanish realities.”

“Why don’t then stick to the 90/180 rule? 3 months in Spain/3 months in the UK, until you have a better idea about your future preference and plans?”


The Spain Non Lucrative Visa (NLV) may not be ideal for those seeking to split their time between Spain and another country without the intention of gaining long-term residency. The NLV requires substantial commitment in terms of time spent in Spain and bureaucratic processes, especially in obtaining the TIE card.

For those considering a less permanent stay, adhering to the 90/180 Schengen rule might be more appropriate until a firm decision about residency is made. Potential NLV holders should be prepared for the complex and sometimes lengthy administrative process involved with maintaining this type of visa.

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