Can I use a UK S1 form instead of private Spanish health insurance to obtain a Non lucrative Spain visa?


Can you use an S1 form instead of private Spanish health insurance to gain a Non lucrative Spain visa, and has anyone gone down this route to obtain the nlv.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

The British S1 certificate is a document that entitles a UK national who is living abroad to receive healthcare coverage in the country they reside in, while their healthcare costs are covered by the UK government. The S1 certificate is usually issued to people who are receiving a UK state pension or certain other UK benefits. It can also be issued to people who are working abroad but still paying UK National Insurance contributions. The certificate allows the holder to access healthcare services on the same basis as a resident of the country they are living in.

“Yes we used S1’s for our NLV all accepted ok”

“yes we used our S1 for our NLV we to register it on the Spanish social security web site the consulates we attended in Edinburgh gave us the details, we only waited a 2/3 weeks for the S1 as long as you are in receipt of gov retirement pension”

“Yes, several of my clients have done this successfully at the Consulates in the UK.”

“You can once you reach retirement age. 67 ?”

“Yes my Mother used it last year and no problems ,we are about to renew”

“Apply for it early I am still waiting from last November. Loads of phone calls, hand written letters and emails. Good luck”

“My husband applied and we received within 3 days for nlv. As his wife I was also eligible.”

“Yes, we have many clients who have used their S1.”

In conclusion, it appears that using an S1 form instead of private health insurance to gain a Non lucrative Spain visa is a viable option, as several members of a Facebook group attest to successfully using their S1 for this purpose. It is important to note that this option may only be available for those who have reached retirement age and are in receipt of government retirement pension. However, there are some reports of delays and difficulties in obtaining the S1, so it may be advisable to apply for it early. Overall, while there may be some challenges involved in the process, it seems that using an S1 form can be an effective way to obtain a NLV.