Cancellation of Pareja de Hecho Registration and Its Impact on Residency in Spain


Can we cancel pareja de hecho registration when everything is completed and a person gets his residence card?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“If it gets canceled before 3 years and 1 day, whoever got his residency through it, won’t be able to renew it.”

A immigration expert in the group advised, “Of course, you can cancel. However, while the card remains in force, the permit does not because the link with the EU citizen is severed. The non-EU national will need to modify the permit.”

In a further clarification, it was mentioned, “After the third year, you must notify but you can keep the permit/card and even renew it for the permanent (10-year one).”

“It will depend on different factors. If you have the 5-year card and cancel it before 3 years, you must notify and modify the permit. After 3 years, you notify but can keep the permit/card until it expires and can obtain the permanent.”

“Nationality or residence permit doesn’t matter for pareja de hecho registration… if you can prove a year of relationship and you do not need a visa to enter Spain, you can apply for the family member of EU citizen card.”


The discussion clarifies the consequences and considerations around canceling a Pareja de Hecho registration in Spain, especially regarding residency permits. It is essential to be aware of the three-year threshold and the possibility of maintaining or renewing the permit post-cancellation.

Legal advice is paramount in these situations, as shown by the detailed guidance provided on eligibility and procedure for Pareja de Hecho registrations, including those involving EU citizens.