Popular Destinations for Americans Moving to Spain: Insights from Expats


What areas are Americans moving to Spain heading to?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“We are moving to Granada.”

“We are moving to Alicante.”


“Malaga area in May 2025”


“Costa Brava”

“Places where there are no Americans.”

“Marina Alta Northern Costa Blanca”

“Moved to Alicante in February!”

“Either Valencia or Granada”

“Beach cities…”


“Away from USA”

“Any where that not in the states!”

“Cambrills area”


“We’re going to Barcelona.”

“We chose a very small village off the A45; Encinas Reales. We live surrounded by olive groves and sunshine.☀️☀️☀️. Tranquility abounds. I would recommend this village for just about anyone.”

“We’re in Almuñecar. Granada and love it!”


“Ontinyent in the Valencia area”

“We are moving to Palma”

“Malaga and Granada are very popular for our US friends.”

“Large expat community south of Jerez. Rota, Puerto de Santa Maria…”

“Antequera, Malaga”

“We prefer mountains over beaches and don’t like the heat so we’re headed to Badaguas in the Pyrenees.”

“We’re in Alicante.”

“Menorca (the little forgotten island next to Mallorca!)”


“Fuengirola… half way between Malaga and Marbella on Costa del Sol. Not planning to have a car. A modern train transits from downtown Malaga, then to airport, onto its last stop Fuengirola (perhaps 20 min ride).”


The responses from Americans moving to Spain highlight a diverse array of preferences and destinations within the country. Popular choices include urban centers like Alicante and Barcelona, scenic coastal towns like Malaga and Costa Brava, and tranquil rural settings such as Encinas Reales.

The variety in choices reflects the diverse lifestyles and preferences among American expatriates, from those seeking vibrant city life to others desiring quiet, countryside living.

This spread of destinations shows the broad appeal of Spain’s regions, catering to a wide spectrum of interests and climates, from the sunny beaches to the cooler, mountainous areas.

Here’s a table that showcases the areas mentioned

RegionProvincePlaceNumber of People who Mentioned it
CataloniaCosta Blanca (general area)2
CataloniaGironaCosta Brava1
ValenciaAlicanteMarina Alta Northern Costa Blanca1
ValenciaLa Zenia1
Balearic IslandsMenorcaMenorca1
Balearic IslandsMallorcaPalma1
AndalusiaCádizRota, Puerto de Santa Maria1
AragonHuescaBadaguas in the Pyrenees1
AndalusiaMálagaCosta del Sol (general area)1
AndalusiaCórdobaEncinas Reales1
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